1. Personal Detail

Name:                            Dr. Narad Nath Bharadwaj

Date of Birth:                2 October1955

Sex:                              Male

Marital Status:              Married

Nationality:                   Nepali

Permanent Address:   Buddhashanti Village Municipality, Ward No.1, Jhjapa,Nepal

                                       Mobile No:-  +977 9851114051

                                       Landline:-       977-1-5223310 (Residence)


2. Academic qualifications:

Name of School,Campus Or Institution and University               Passed year From                            To        Degree
Tribhuvan University of Nepal 2011                       2014 Ph.D in History (Title of dissertation: Ethnic Resurgence in Nepal: A Historical Perspective)
Tribhuvan University of Nepal 1983                       1985 Master’s In History
Tribhuvan University of Nepal 1981                       1983 Diploma in Arts
Tribhuvan University of Nepal 1973                       1975 Intermediate in Arts
Buddha Adarsha High School Budhabare, Jhapa, Nepal 1973 School Leaving Certifcate Examination

3. Political Profile

I have Participated in various democratic movements over the past four decades. I participated in historic Jhapa Movement During the Panchayat regime in 1970s. I also participated in the democratic movements of 1990 and 2006/07. I was a member of the Central Advisory Committee of the CPN (UML) from 2009 to 2014. Worked as a Member of the Centeral Department Of Foreign Affairs of CPN (UML).

4.Professional experience

I am involved in academic study and researches on foreign relation, ethnic conflict, Security sector reform, federalization, gender issues and communal harmony. My other experiences include liaison and co-ordination, production of reports, briefing papers, concept notes and other study materials. I have the skill and experience in convening various levels of civil society leaders, politicians, scholars and rebel leaders. I have expertise on communications and dissemination as well as in building network with  individuals and organisations with varied cultural, academic and geographical backgrounds. I have worked as a professional journalist in major English daily newspaper such as the Kathmandu Post and the Everest Herald. I Possess a high level of skill in the use of Nepali, Hindi and English Languages.

5. International Exposure:

1.    Leader of delegation visiting China on behalf of Madan Bhabdari Foundation from 12 to 21      

       October 2016. The delegation consisted of representatives of political parties,social organisations and media.

2.  Member of ministerial delegation to the 4th Plenipotentiary Conference of International  Telecommunication Union (ITU) held in Minneapolis, USA in October 1998.

3. Member of delegation of senior journalists in a visit to Autonomous Region of Tibet and other provinces of China 1995 at the invitation of the Cemtral Committee of the Communist party of China.

4. Member of delegation of senior journalists to Republic of India at the invetation of the Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs of India in 1996.

6. Research experience :

I hold a Ph.D. Degree in History from Tribhuvan University. The title of my dissertation is ‘Ethnic Resurgence in Nepal: A Historical Perspctive’. Other major areas of expertise concern with research and study on security sector reform, community security, communal harmony, electoral politics, constitution making, media and politics,internal displacement, recent Nepalese politics and international relation .I am familiar wirh different participatory research and planning tools. I have experience of working in multi-disciplinary,mult-cultural and diverse geographical settings.

7.  Positions Held:

i.    Secretary General of the  Shahid Ramnath Dahal Smriti Manch

ii.   Associate Professor at the Centeral department of History in Tribhuvan               


iii.  Chairman and General Manager at the Gorkhapatra Corporation, Kathmandu,1998.

iv.  News Adviser of Radio Nepal.

v.   Assistant Editor of English daily newspaper The Everst Herald.

vi.  Reporter of the English Daily newspaper The Kathmandu Post.

8. Publications:

1. Co-author more than a dozens of books/ researc report.

2. More than 300 article published in major English and Nepali dailies and journals on   

    contemporary politics  and diplomacy.


 Decorated with Nepal Vidya Bhushan ‘A’ from Honourable President of Nepal Bidya Devi