How one can get entry visa of Nepal where Diplomatic Mission of Nepal is not stationed ?

A visitor can get visa on arrival at the point of entry upon payment of US$ 40.00. Please do not forget to carry two copies of passport size photograph with you.

¤ Do Indian National require entry visa to visit Nepal ?

No. Indian national do not need to get visa to visit Nepal. But they must carry their identity card with them to prove their nationality.

¤ Should Nepalese Nationals register their name in the Embassy ?

It is the obligation of the visiting Nepalese national to register their name in the nearest Nepalese Mission. Registration in the Embassy ensures the consular service in case of requirement in emergency.

¤ Is it compulsory to declare the possession of foreign currency by a visitor at the entry point while visiting Nepal ?

Yes. If somebody is carrying US$ 2000 or more or equivalent in any foreign currency, than they are advised to declare the same at the entry point. Failure to do so, he/she may not carry out the unexpended amount exceeding US$ 2000 or equivalent at departure. Export of foreign currency is prohibited in Nepal. It is advised to exchange foreign currency at authorized bank or exchange counters only and take a receipt for the same.

Does one need to have validity of passport to enter into Nepal ?

Yes, one has to have validity of one’s passport to enter into Nepal. One has to have not less than six month’s validity of passport to obtain visa to enter into Nepal from any entry point.