Corporate/ Group Recruitment

The companies aspiring for recruiting manpower/workers from Nepal should submit the following documents to the Embassy for attestation of Demand Letter:

1.      Duly filled-in Demand Letter Attestation Record Form

2.      Visa Approval details

3.      Application of Guarantee and Undertaking addressed to the Embassy of Nepal in Doha

4.      Valid ID Card of Sponsor (copy)

5.      Valid Computer Card of the company (copy)

6.      Company Registration (CR) (copy)

7.      Last month’s salary sheet of the Nepalese labourers, if any

8.      Commitment letter on behalf of the company stipulating that it will not deduct any charge from the driver in case of vehicular accident in any circumstances (For the Profession of Driver).

9. Copy of contract between the Company and other institution, e.g., School, Market, etc. ( for supply of female Cleaners)

10.      Documents attested by the Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry  and/or the concerned authority of the State of Qatar:

a)      Demand Letter (original and its copy)

b)      Employment Contract as per format of the Labour Department for each category of salary (original and its copy)

c)      Power of Attorney (original and its copy)

d)      Letter of Guarantee addressed to the Director General of the Department of Foreign Employment of Nepal (original and its copy)

e)   Inter-party Recruitment Agreement between the Company (Employer) and Recruitment Agency of Nepal (original and its copy)

Note: Companies are advised not to issue visa to the designated worker before attestation of Demand Letter from the Embassy.