Individual Recruitment

Nepali citizens already working in the State of Qatar can attest entry visa (work) and employment contract of their close family members/relatives ( father, mother, brother (s) and sister (s) only) from the Embassy. The applicant himself needs to be present with the following documents. Click here to download application form for Individual Recruitment.

1. Qatari ID
2. Citizenship Certificate (Original and Copy)
3. Passport (Original and Copy)
4. Relation Verification Certificate (Attested by Consular Services Department, Kathmandu- Original and Copy)
5. Documents relating to the coming Person
         a. Citizenship (Photocopy)
          b. Passport (Photocopy)
6. Company related Documents
             a. Contract Paper Printed in the Letter Head of the Employer/Company mentioning Address and Contact No. and attested by Labour Department- Two Years’ contract with salary and food allowances as per the policy of the Government of Nepal
               b. Visa Paper in English (Two Copies)
               c. Computer Card (Copy)
               d. CR Card (Copy)
              e. Sponsor’s ID (Copy)
              f. Nepali Driving Licence Copy for driver profession

g. Letter of guarantee from the company, in case of General Clean Worker-female and personal application of the applicant.

h. Educational and other certificates for skilled workers.