General Information on Passport

Nepali passport (Machine Readable Passport or MRP) is valid for ten years from the date of issue. It is non-renewable; thereafter passport holders are required to apply for a new passport well within time before its expiry. However, in case of accidental damage or tampering of the passport or use of all pages meant for visa, one can apply for new passport any time.

As per the provision of International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), all hand-written passports must be replaced with MRP by 24 November 2015 no matter how long it is valid. Therefore, all Nepalese nationals who hold hand-written passport should apply for MRP in the Embassy at the earliest convenience. The hand-written passport holders may apply for and obtain MRP in Nepal also while on vacation.

The Embassy of Nepal in Doha has recently started live-enrollment system for MRP applications. Hence, the applicants are not required to bring photo, MRP application form, and photocopies of documents. They can visit the Embassy within specified time along with his old Passport and Nepali Citizenship Card for applying for a new MRP. Nevertheless, MRP application form and photocopies of other documents are required as specified below in the case of minors.

  1.   Application Form for MRP

The application form for MRP can be filled through pre-enrollment.

  1.   Fees for issuance of Passport/Temporary Passport/Travel Document

Passport fee                                                                                   QR 185/-

Passport fee in case of lost/damaged of old passport                   QR 370/-

Temporary Passport Fee                                                               QR  80/-

Passport Fee for Minor (Under 10 Years)                                     QR 93/-

One-way Travel Document (Valid for return to Nepal)                  QR 150/-

  1. Required documents to apply for new passport (MRP) in lieu of old passport:
  • Original Qatari ID and photocoy
  • The photo for the MRP will be taken inside the Embassy. Make sure to remove make-ups and ornaments before visiting the Embassy.
  1.  Required documents to apply for new passport (MRP) for the minor (under 10)                                                                   Duly filled up Passport                                                                                              Original and Photocopy of Minor’s Identity Card in Case of Baby Born in Nepal & Birth Certificate attested from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Qatar in Case of Baby Born in Qatar.

4.      Documents Related to Minor’s Parents:

a.        Original and Photocopy of Citizenship Cards. (One Copy Of Each)

b.      Original and Photocopy of Nepalese Passport. (One Copy of Each)

c.       Original and Photocopy of Marriage Certificate.

  • Passport Fee QR 93/-
  1. Required Documents to apply for new passport in lieu of lost/damaged passport
  • Police report confirming about the loss of passport. (In case of damaged passport, police report is not required)
  • The original Nepalese Citizenship Certificate. (Photocopy, if the applicant already has  an MRP)
  • photocopy old passport .
  • Printed MRP application form. (duly filled up application form through pre-enrollment)
  • Original Qatari ID Card.

Note: Applicant must be physically present in the Embassy while submitting application form and collecting the passport.

  1. Time for submission of application forms and collection of passport:

The application forms for MRP can be submitted in the Embassy during the following hours

Submission of MRP applications forms:  

Sunday – Thursday                                           09:00 am – 12:00 pm

Collection of MRP passports:

Sunday – Thursday                                           1:00 pm – 3:00 pm


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