Before the establishment of the Residential Mission in Doha, the Embassy of Nepal in Riyadh, capital city of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was accredited as the non-residential Embassy of Nepal to the State of Qatar. As the number of the Nepalese nationals in the employment market of Qatar increased significantly during late 1990s, the need for a separate mission was realized. With a rapid increase in the number of Nepalese nationals, the problems and grievances Nepalese workers are also increased voluminously.

Rt. Hon’ble Mr. Girija Prasad Koirala, the then Prime Minister of Nepal paid an official visit to the State of Qatar in 1998. During the visit, the Nepalese community briefed the Prime Minister about the conditions of the Nepalese expatriates working in Qatar and also highlighted the continued prospects of the demand of Nepalese work-force in the development projects in Qatar. At that time, the Qatari authorities also requested the Prime Minister to open up a Mission in Doha to look after the welfare of the Nepalese expatriates. Realizing the problems and prospects of the Nepalese in Qatar, the Government of Nepal decided to open up a permanent residential mission at the level of Ambassador. Subsequently, the Embassy of Nepal was established in Doha on 11 July 2000.