Power of Attorney

The Embassy certifies Power of Attorney for the purpose of selling land, etc. Power of Attorney document and application shall be prepared by a registered advocate in Nepal. The photograph, thumb impression and signature of the person (to whom the PoA is to be delegated), if present in Nepal, needs to be affixed as specified.

1.       Documents relating to the applicant working in the State of Qatar (Delegator):

  1. Dully filled up application by her/him self
  2. Power of Attorney in specified format (Two original copies)
  3. Nepali Citizenship Card (Original and Copy)
  4. Passport (Copy)
  5. Valid Qatari ID (Copy)
  6. Invoice of revenue paid for the current fiscal year and photocopy of Land Ownership Certificate, if so related.
  7. Document verifying relationship, if delegating to a relative.

2.       Nepali Citizenship Card of the person to whom the PoA is to be delegated (Copy)