His Excellency Prof. Ramesh Prasad Koirala

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary

Academic qualifications

  • Master’s Degree in Economics from Tribhuwan University, Kathmandu (1988)
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Tri-Chandra Campus, Tribhuwan University Kathmandu (1985)
  • Graduate credit in Energy Planning and Environment from University of Oslo, Norway, ISS (1991)
  • Ph.D. Scholar at Tribhuwan University, Kathmandu

Current Involvement in the Governmental Sector

  • Chairman Proposed by the Government of Nepal for Labour Ban(From 2015 – Present )
  • Member at Foreign investment promotion advisor committee , Ministry of Industry (Government of Nepal)  (2016-present)
  • Member at National Labour Advisor Committee (Government of Nepal) (From 2015 – Present )

Professional  Involvement

  • Professor of economics (Development and Planning) Baneshwor Multiple campus.T.U., Shanti Nagar Kathmandu Nepal (1991-Present)

Past Professional Background

  • Advisor at Ministry of Labour and Employment, Government of Nepal (From 2014-2015)
  • Board Member Foreign Employment Promotion Board, Government of Nepal (From 2014-2016)  
  • Campus Chief at Baneshwor Campus (BC), Tribhuwan University, Kathmandu (From 2008-2016)  
  • Management Advisor at Innovative Solutions: Automated system to digitize building permits in Kathmandu and Lalitpur Metropolitan City funded by UNDP (2012-2014)  
  • Chairman at BC Research Cell, funded by University Grants Commission, Baneshwor Campus, Shantinagar, Kathmandu (2008-2014)
  • Principal at Management Development Campus, Management Association of Nepal (2007- 2009)  
  • Treasurer at Nepal Japan Chamber of Commerce & Industry (2006-2011)  
  • General Secretary at Nepal-Japan Citizen Society (2005-2009)  
  • Consultant Advisor at Employment Promotion Commission, National Planning Commission, HMG of Nepal (2004-2005)  
  • Advisor (Expert) at Ministry of Labor and Transportation of Government of Nepal (Foreign Employment Committee) (2001-2003)  
  • Financial Advisor Board of Director at Everest Jyoti Gas Industry, Kathmandu (1993-1995)  
  • Executive Director at Lumbini Multiple Research Center (1990-1991)  
  • Project Coordinator (HMG Gazetted Section Officer) at National Planning Commission, C.B.S Department for Industrial Census and Cottage Industry Survey of Bhaktapur District (1983-1984)
  • Instructor (Part-time) of ‘Basic Computers’ at Kantipur Campus (1991-1996)


  • “Quality Management in Trade and Industries” organized by NGCCI (2004)
  • “An Executive Development Program on Strategies for Success in the Increasingly Competitive Global Market” organized by American Center(December 2003)
  • “Research Methodology Workshop” organized by Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences, Tribhuwan University 
  • Participation in various short-term trainings and seminars related with career development

Past Professional/ Social Involvement

  • Treasurer at Management Association of Nepal (MAN)
  • General Secretary at Nepal Malaysia Cultural Society
  • Executive and Honorary member at Dante Society – Nepal Chapter
  • Program (Advisor) Director at Kathmandu College of Management (KCM)
  • Executive Member at various social organizations such as Nepal Jaycees, Nepal Peace Society, Nepal Youth Society and Environment and Development Society
  • Past President at Nepal–Norway Friendship and Culture Association
  • Management Board Director at Midas Technologies


Foreign and Domestic employment formulation and management areas 

  • A member of a team, led by the Minister of Labour and Employment (GON) as the advisor, for the development of Nepalese migrant in labour market of Japan (Japan’s tsunami reconstruction, Olympic 2020, Domestic caregiver and construction sector) ( Feb. 2015)
  • A member of a team, led by Economic Advisor to the Prime Minister (GON), for the development of Nepalese migrant labour in Japan through JITCO: Interaction with concerned authority to provide opportunity for Nepalese labour in various sector of Japan. (Sept. 2014)
  • A member of a team, led by the Minister of Labour and Employment (GON) as the advisor, for the expansion of Nepalese migrant labour of Korea : Growth in different sectors of Nepalese labour market of Korea (June 2015)
  • Ministerial level team member, as the advisor of Ministry of Labour and Employment (GON), for the rights of Nepalese migrant labour and bilateral agreement discussion in Malaysia. (June 2015)
  • As a participant in a team, visiting the Minister of Labour of Qatar for the negotiation to renew bilateral agreement and to provide rights/opportunities regarding the Nepalese labour market in Qatar

Action oriented Plans and Programs for migrant labour 

  • Worked as a Coordinator for the formulation of policy to simplify re-   entry system  of migrant labour, for Ministry of Labour (2016)
  • Worked as a Member to increase the insurance amount to migrant labour ( 2016)
  • Worked as a Coordinator/Facilitator on behalf of Ministry of labour and employment GON for the Labour Law Amendment ( 2015)

Projects developed for domestic employment creation 

  • First time in Nepal: An Amusement Park named “Dragon World” developed through private participation.
  • First time in Nepal: A Night Market in the heart of the city in collaboration with the Kathmandu Municipality.
  • First time in Nepal: A program to develop a “Labor Pool”, jointly with the Government Employment Promotion Commission and the private sector.
  • First time in Nepal: A working plan to develop deer, crocodile and butterfly farming for rural community to uplift economic status and provide self-employment / employment opportunity in Nepal.
  • Planned programs with the government and the private sector to generate foreign employment in various countries.

Publication/ Books

  • Co-author ,An Introduction of Nepalese Economics (Nepali), Kathmandu  (Addh Rai Publication) (2006)
  • Author, SAARC, Nepal’s Role in Collective Utilization of its Water Resources (English), Kathmandu, Nepal, (Team publication) (1990)


  • Desk Study on Rapid Labor Market Assessment for Re-Habitation of Maoist Army Combat, CTEVT GTZ/STPP, Expert Consultant (2011)
  • Bagmati River Action Plan, Report Writing Team Member (2009) 
  • Local Employment in Nepal (National Security Council, Research Department, Government of Nepal) (2003)
  • An Effective Program for Foreign Employment in Nepal (Ministry Of Labor &Transport, HMG of Nepal) (2002)
  • Foreign Employment in Nepal, Situation, Problems and Solutions  (Employment Promotion Commission, HMG of Nepal) (2001)
  • Marshyangdi Hydro Power Project, Environment Impact Study (Faculty of Environment and Planning, Oslo University, Norway) (1992)
  • Tourism Development in Kaski District, Pokhara (Tribhuwan University, Economics Centre Department) (1990)
  • Training Program and Plan for Self Employment, Foreign Employment and
  • Drugs Act 2039, An Analysis (Tribhuwan University, Institute of Law) (1989)


  • University Teacher Award Selection among University Teachers, Ministry of Education & Sports, Government of Nepal (2005)
  • Diploma in Computer Application Software, Computer World (1990)
  • Diploma in French Language from Francis de Kathmandu (1980)
  • First Place in All Nepal Quiz Contest held in the occasion of International Women’s Year (1975)